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Citadel 2017 Travel - Dave Cornthwaite

Record-breaking adventurer, author, social projecteer (it is a word) and maker of little films. Since quitting his last job as a terrible graphic designer in 2005, Dave has written three books, created hundreds of short films, delivered hundreds of lectures worldwide, travelled over 20,000 non-motorised miles as part of his Expedition1000 project, founded life-fulfilling brand SayYesMore and, finally, has made up for being a total loser in his early twenties.

Dave's work is more and more focused on the power of movement, acting on decisions, reducing working hours, minimising spending and concentrating on the elements of life that keep our mental health in check and Monday mornings enjoyable.

Amongst Dave's adventures are record breaking SUP journeys along the Mississippi and around Martinique, longboarding across Australia, swimming 1001 miles and co-founding the groundbreaking growth mindset projects, Exploring Mindset and Winter Quest.

Although consistently nomadic for a decade, Dave now lives on a boat in London and in between adventures leads The YesTribe, a community of doers dedicated to redesigning life for the better. He blogs and speaks about adventure, living life on our own terms and maximising efficiency of choice in order to to magnify the positive impact of our work and lifestyle.

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