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How It Works



  • ​Each section of the Sunday Papers is presented in an oversized living room by an expert speaker, performer or group. 
  • ​15 - 40 minutes per section.
  • Some will be light-hearted, some will be serious, some are deeply personal and others are bombastic social studies. Expect to hear a variety of experts talking about very different subject matters.
  • A full schedule of activities is sent to our mailing list one week prior to the show. Sign up HERE.


  • We highly recommend you bring a pair of slippers. 
  • Please note that pets are not permitted inside the venue, I'm afraid cats and dogs will have to stay at home. 
  • Smoking jackets, blankets and knitting is encouraged. Napping is also fine.




  • Guided walks leave from the venue and head through the parks and to the top of Primrose Hill. All activities are included with general admission. 
  • Arts & crafts,  pub quizzes and live music bring the halls to life.
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