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SUNDAY - JULY 3, 2022

13:25 - COLUMNIST: Steve Cross
13:35 - Crosswords #1
13:45 - FOOD & DRINK: Melissa Hemsley 
14:15 - SPORT: Geoff Dyer 
14:40 - BUSINESS: Helen Tupper
15:10 - NEWS: Ed Milliband 
16:15 - Crosswords #2
16:30 - GARDENING: Alice Vincent 
16:55 - NEWS REVIEW: Alice Rawsthorn 
17:25 - TRAVEL: Ed Caesar
17:50 - LIFESTYLE: Julia Shaw
18:20 - STYLE: Natalie Lee
18:50 - Crosswords #3
19:20 - CULTURE: Randolph Matthews
20:00 - CULTURE: Ríoghnach Connolly & Ellis Davies




How do we tackle the climate crisis? How can we play a part in making change happen? How do we rein in the power of Big Tech? How should we eat a bacon sandwich? For the past five years, besides his role as an MP and shadow cabinet member, Ed Miliband has been discovering and interviewing brilliant people all around the world who are successfully tackling the biggest problems we face, absolutely nailing bacon sandwiches, transforming communities, and pioneering global movements.  He joins us to share what he's learned.




Ed joins us to share the untold story of Britain's most mysterious mountaineering legend, war veteran, mystic, and adventurer Maurice Wilson, who attempted to climb Everest alone in 1934. A tale of tragedy and obsession, pluck and luck.




Finding herself uprooted, heartbroken, grieving, and living out of a suitcase in her late twenties, Alice began planting seeds. With each unfurling petal and budding leaf, she began to come back to life. Her memoir Rootbound explores how a whole new generation is discovering the power of plants, and how bringing a little bit of the outside in can help us find our feet in a world spinning far too fast. Alice is Features Editor at Penguin Books, having previously worked as a writer and editor on the arts desk of the Telegraph. 


Helen Tupper


Helen Tupper, co-author of Sunday Times bestsellers The Squiggly Career and You Coach You, will talk about how the legacy of the career ladder is holding more people back that it helps to move forward and what we need to do to create more squiggly career paths that help everyone to succeed. She’ll cover how the words we use influence how we think about careers, the skills we need to make available to everyone and the evolving role of managers.


Natalie Lee 


Natalie began her career as a midwife before starting her blog, Style Me Sunday, in July 2012. She joins us to discuss her new memoir Feeling Myself, 
A modern manifesto and memoir on sex and shame from one of the original wave of ‘insta-mums’. Trauma, porn, masturbation, sexuality, sex after motherhood, sex when you feel sh*t about your body, sex after separation... they are concepts which feel like they shouldn’t be an issue in 2022 … and yet, despite the inroads made by TV shows such as I Will Destroy You and Sex Education, the taboos which surround them still define too many women’s lives. It is a modern manifesto and memoir which feels both timely and hugely relevant to the modern woman.




Geoff Dyer


The Last Days of Roger Federer and other endings

Award-winning author of ten non-fiction books and four novels, Geoff joins us - as Wimbledon is in full flow - to discuss his latest work, which sets his own encounter with late middle age against the last days and last achievements of writers, painters, athletes and musicians who’ve mattered to him throughout his life.With a playful charm and penetrating intelligence, he examines Friedrich Nietzsche’s breakdown in Turin, Bob Dylan’s reinventions of old songs, J.W. Turner’s paintings of abstracted light, John Coltrane’s cosmic melodies, Jean Rhys’s return from the dead (while still alive) and Beethoven’s final quartets – and considers the intensifications and modifications of experience that come when an ending is within sight. Oh, and there’s stuff about Roger Federer and tennis too.




Alice Rawsthorn

How could - and should - design respond to emergencies: from the climate and refugee crises, to global pandemics and the collapse of social justice? 

For her latest project, Alice - one of the world's most influential design figures - met the visionary designers whose innovations and ingenuity give us hope for the future by redesigning and reconstructing our lives - the stories of the remarkable designers, architects, engineers, artists, scientists, and activists, who are at the forefront of positive change worldwide.



Randolph Matthews


British jazz’s new hero will perform and converse on the transformational power of sound & music. Inspired by his belief that the power of voice can inspire lives. Randolph's performances span two decades. He has performed for the Queen and supported Herbie Hancock; and blew the doors off our #12 Edition way back in 2017. It’s great to welcome him back. 



Ríoghnach Connolly & Ellis Davies

As this could be our swansong event, we wanted to bring back our favorite headline act from over the years. Luckily, they were available. If you have never seen them, you really should. The most perfect end to a Sunday we could dream of. 


Melissa Hemsley


Self-taught chef, food columnist, best-selling cookbook author, real food activist and sustainability champion who is passionate about spreading the power of feel-good food. Melissa joins us in conversation to discuss her food philosophy, career, and her latest book Feel Good.


Julia Shaw


Bi: The Hidden Culture, History and Science of Bisexuality
Shaw will be joined in conversation by senior reporter at Vice News Ben Hunte, to discuss all that we know about the world’s largest sexual minority. From the hunt for a bi gene, to the relationship between bisexuality and consensual non-monogamy, to asylum seekers who need to prove their bisexuality in a court of law, there is more to explore than most have ever realised. This rigorous and fun book will challenge us to think deeper about who we are and how we love.



Tim Clare 


Coward: Why We Get Anxious & What We Can Do About It
Tim has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for over a decade. At their worst, his attacks would see him curled on the floor, screaming to his wife for help. When they became more than he and his family could manage, Tim made a promise to himself – he would try everything he could to get better, every method and medicine.
Tim joins us to share his exploration into all the possible treatments for anxiety, from SSRIs to hypnosis, running to extreme diets. At the end of a year of many ups and downs, Tim has discovered what helps him (and what doesn’t), and what might help others. 




Hosting, facilitating, and generally smoothing out proceedings is our Edition homemaker. Once upon a time he was a spectacularly poor lab scientist, then an OK science communicator and for a while a museum and art curator for Wellcome Collection. These days he’s a geek comedian, presenter and producer, travelling across the UK helping all sorts of intellectual types share their passions.




It wouldn’t be our 5th birthday without crosswords. Barely more coherent than toddlers themselves, our crossword gurus have been running the sillier side of Sunday for 5 years. Brush up on your charade skills for the live crossword challenges, but also pop down to their pub quiz and crafternoon crafts table full of crafty crafts. 



Getting outside for a walk or a jog is a keystone ingredient to the perfect Sunday - and is the least likely to happen - but without it the couch isn’t quite as comfy. We are thrilled to be joined by esteemed writer and psychotherapist Mark Vernon for a WALK WITH WILLIAM BLAKE.

“I have conversed with the spiritual sun. I saw him on Primrose Hill.” So said William Blake. But what did the visionary of Lambeth mean? Why might his perceptions matter today? Was he mad or a prophet for the material age? These questions and more will guide us on a walk up Primrose Hill. We will find a sheltering tree to enjoy what Blake called “learning’s bower”, listen to his poetry, and unpack his message for today.

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