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#9 Edition Gardening - Mac Macartney

What does it mean to really belong to an ecosystem? Mac braids beauty, wildness, activism and the yearning pulse all humans have for a meaningful life, into a compelling narrative. It is a call, a paean, a heart-song, to the many millions of us who still stand on the sidelines and passively watch as our blue planet is slowly, systematically, and meticulously tamed, caged, and broken. Clever, we undoubtedly are, but wise we are not. Not yet.

Mac is an entrepreneur, speaker and the founder of Embercombe, a social enterprise on a Devon smallholding that seeks to inspire committed action for a truly sustainable world. Over a period of twenty years Mac has been mentored and coached by Native American 'Medicine' people on the cultural and spiritual teachings that once informed the practice of our own British indigenous culture. The values, principles, and wisdom of this tradition inform and guide all aspects of his life and work.

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