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#9 Edition UK News - Winning from the left in 2020

John Lloyd, Zoe Williams, John Harris, Matilda Wnek, and Matthew Taylor attempt to uncover a third way of doing progressive politics (that can actually win a general election) in a mass interactive workshop. We set out to put the world to rights rather than just talking about it, by talking about it for about 50 minutes and making notes. Pitches were made by each of our expert pundits, and then the audience helped settle on a 10-point plan - the Sunday Party manifesto.

Matthew Taylor - a regular to Radio 4 (Moral Maze etc, you’ll get it the second you hear his voice), Matt has been Chief Executive of the RSA since 2006. Prior to that he was Chief Adviser on Political Strategy to Tony Blair, which I’m sure he hates us mentioning. Matt came up with this idea, is a regular contributor to our events, and will be facilitating the session.

John Lloyd - producer of Blackadder, Spitting Image, the BBC's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and of course the all-conquering QI. “If John Cleese is the Pope of comedy, John is the Cardinal." - Griff Rhys Jones

Zoe Williams - making her second appearance at Sunday Papers Live, and if ever an event were made for her, it is this one. Expect a hurricane of frustratingly, infuriatingly, hilariously reasonable ideas. Zoe is the jewell in the Guardian's crown of columnists.

​John Harris - a prolific journalist concerned with music and politics. Possibly best known by this audience for his "Anywhere But Westminster" series for the Guardian’s YouTube channel, which provides perhaps the clearest answer to the "how the hell did this happen" question bedevilling Remainers.

Matilda Wnek - a turbo-talented comedian and actor first & foremost. Matilda was a standout host and panellist in the Forum at Wilderness Festival this year, more than holding her own against gangs of professors, politicians & journalists.

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