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#9 Edition World News - The New Statesman, The Race For The White House

The American people have a choice: deport millions of people, cut taxes for the rich and build a wall; or smoke a kilo of high-grade social democratic lesser evil and keep the neoliberal dream alive.

We put on the Trump debate intentionally late in the day. People were up for it. We had some pointed questions, lots of boos, a few heckles, and a rant or two. The panel held their own throughout.

For those that missed it the amazing digital editor of the New Statesman SERENA KUTCHINSKY helped draw in Chair of Republicans Overseas, DR JAN HALPER-HAYES, and former presidential advisor DR PIPPA MALMGREN.

...That's one former Trump-supporting Republican and one bi-partisan former assistant to George HW Bush in a room full of drunk lefty Brits. What could go wrong?

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