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#7 Edition World News - Frontline Club : Lindsey Hilsum, Giles Duley, Patrick Kingsley, Hassan Akkad

The New Odyssey: The Story of Europe’s Refugee Crisis.


(Channel 4 News International Editor) PATRICK KINGSLEY

(Guardian migration correspondent) GILES DULEY (Photojournalist) HASSAN AKKAD (Help Refugees)

Europe is experiencing a wave of migration not seen since the end of World War II. Forced out of their homes by terror and war in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, pulled to Europe by the prospect of a better life, huge numbers are risking everything in perilous journeys across land and sea. The Guardian's migration correspondent Patrick Kingsley and photographer Giles Duley, have been documenting these journeys and speaking to the people that undertake them. For the Frontline Club’s World News section they will be sharing the human stories behind Europe’s refugee crisis, in a discussion chaired by Channel 4 News’ international editor, Lindsey Hilsum.

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