September 7, 2017

An event exploring one of the most vicious debates of our time, one that has ripped the feminist community apart and deeply divided society — what is it that makes a woman, a woman? Paris Lees cancelled last minute because she refused to share a platform with one of the other panellists. The floor got heated. It was pretty punchy for a Sunday afternoon.


Jane Fae, LGBT campaigner

September 7, 2017

Hot & fresh out the kitchen, a conversation with one of Wilderness' star chefs, by one of our star interviewers.

His food mixes the flavours of the Middle East and the Mediterranean and has been credited with changing the way many eat and cook, fuelling the surge in popularity of cooking ingredients including wakame seaweed, orange blossom, pomegranate seeds and za'atar.

Born to a German mother and...

August 26, 2016

Trump vs Clinton: The Race for the White House

With just three months to go in one of the most contentious US presidential races in recent history, the Frontline Club will be discussing all things Trump, Clinton and the campaign trail. The New York Times’ Steven Erlanger, journalist Michael Goldfarb, and Chatham House’s Xenia Wickett, will ask who will be the future president of America.